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Keep track of your menstrual cycle and fertile days



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Period Tracker is a useful app you can use to keep close track of your menstrual cycle in a quick, easy, and perfectly customized way. With this app, you can find out tons of basic, fundamental info to answer any questions you may have about your menstrual cycle.

The first time you open the app, you have to indicate how long your cycle lasts and the date of your last period, allowing Period Tracker to create your first report that will adapt and adjust as the months go on and you enter more information. Thanks to Period Tracker, you can see at a glance when your next cycle will start, how many days until it begins and your fertile days to predict possible pregnancies, plus track and recognize your menstruation symptoms and even help you lose weight, for example.

To enter any of the data you need, Period Tracker offers a clear and complete system where you can enter your temperature, medicine you've taken, symptoms, weight, menstrual flow, and endless other options that you'll find in each daily entry. Enter whatever you think is needed to keep track and not miss a single detail about your menstrual cycle thanks to Period Tracker.
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